Thursday Limerick: The Political Snake

There once was an arrogant snake, Who thought he could make no mistake. But when he ran and won, And his term had begun, His excellence was proven fake. Democrats: “Oh we know who this is about.” Republicans: “We know who this is actually about.” Me: “Oh, you thought this was a metaphor for someContinue reading “Thursday Limerick: The Political Snake”

Osa and the Bald One

Osa didn’t understand Human the way that Tango did, but she knew a few words here and there.

For instance, she knew “¡Osa Mala!” meant “You have sinned against the gods”.

“¡No coma eso!” was what Juan usually shouted before prying her mouth open. It probably meant “You must offer me a piece of your food in reparation for this sin.”