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Doctors, Assassins, and Other Tyrants is now available!

In this sequel to Love, Treachery, and Other Terrorsseventeen-year-old Augustine has a near-perfect life. Until he’s kidnapped by a band of highwaymen. As if tying him up and dragging him away from home wasn’t bad enough, the ruffians start spouting nonsense about how he is the illegitimate son of some horrible, honorless, murdering prince named Justin. 

Augustine, of course, doesn’t believe these vile rumors. By his mother’s own account, her late husband was the perfect man in every imaginable way. She would never lie to him about something as important as his father… right?

In this quirky, medieval fantasy Augustine must find a way to escape his captors and uncover who he really is. It’s a story of providence, heroism, and learning to embrace the truth.

Welcome to Katy’s Fables! 

As you probably know, a fable is a short story designed to terrify children into behaving themselves. As a child, I was frightened by many such stories and enjoyed every minute of it. As an adult, I enjoy fables at least twice as much. 

This website is where I share fables of my own creation. These are aimed at teens and adults who, like me, never outgrew their love of folk tales.

On this site, you will also find:  

  1. Random Limericks
  2. Artwork
  3. My books
  4. Anything else I feel like posting. 

If you are interested in any or all of the above, take a look around. Otherwise, I don’t know… go find a cat video or something.

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About Para Sympan

All of my fables are set in a universe almost identical to our own. Almost. If you were transported there, you probably wouldn’t notice a difference at first. Then you’d see an elf buying kale in the supermarket or you’d read about the ancient empire of Helevina and start to get suspicious. You wouldn’t know for sure you were in another universe until you saw someone in Chicago putting ketchup on a hot dog.

I call this other universe Para Sympan. It comes from the ancient Helevinian para (second) sympan (world). Just like us, they use stories to teach valuable life lessons.

About Katy

Katy thinks it’s weird to write about herself in the third person but is willing to do it for the sake of this author bio. She is a humor writer and lover of fairy tales. She prefers the gory originals to the squeaky clean Disney retellings but will gladly consume both. 

As a homeschool graduate from New Jersey, she published her first children’s novel, Martha and Chip, at the age of nineteen. She went on to study entertainment media at John Paul the Great University in San Diego. It was there she met her husband, a man who only dressed in flannel and had a cup of Starbucks coffee permanently affixed to his hand. She returned with him to his home state of Washington where she too, developed a taste for Starbucks (though not for flannel).