Thursday Limerick: A True Story

A sleepy and ravenous bear, Noticed a can sitting there. Wanting a snack, He went to unpack, Though the humans did scream, yell, and swear. This is a true story. A bear dumped my garbage this week. We caught him on our security camera. The next morning, I went out to clean up the trashContinue reading “Thursday Limerick: A True Story”

Thursday Limerick: More Evidence that Lobsters are Jerks

There once was a lobster named Brad, Who decided that he would wear plaid. But his fellows mocked, And the lobster was shocked, And continued through life unclad. I don’t know why I am hating on lobsters this week. A lobster never once wronged me, aside from freaking me out slightly at the aquarium. MaybeContinue reading “Thursday Limerick: More Evidence that Lobsters are Jerks”