Thursday Limerick: A True Story

A sleepy and ravenous bear,
Noticed a can sitting there.
Wanting a snack, 
He went to unpack,
Though the humans did scream, yell, and swear.

This is a true story. A bear dumped my garbage this week. We caught him on our security camera.

The next morning, I went out to clean up the trash he had spread all over the yard. I noticed that he had licked the yogurt tubs clean and eaten a whole bag of moldy bagels.

It was the cutest and the most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen.

Published by Katy Campbell

Katy is a little broken in the head.

2 thoughts on “Thursday Limerick: A True Story

  1. We typically go camping in late August at a popular campground. On one of our trips, a bear came in and did a dumpster dive. He came out with an empty bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken on his head! If we had a clearer photo, I’m sure KFC folks would have loved to use it for promotional purposes!

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