Thursday Limerick: The Righteous Blogger

Here is your weekly limerick! I know a blogger named Dwight.* Who always insists he is right. If you counter his claims, He moans and complains!I think he enjoys a good fight. *I do not actually know any bloggers named Dwight. Such name was chosen because it rhymes with right. Any relation to actual bloggersContinue reading “Thursday Limerick: The Righteous Blogger”

Thursday Limerick: Plants

(Written after several days of trying to keep a Venus Fly Trap alive. Someone please explain how those things survive in the wild, without people to bring them their distilled water and soy lattes?!?! Freakin’ diva plant!) Why do plants that I want always die, While the ones that I don’t, multiply? No matter howContinue reading “Thursday Limerick: Plants”