Thursday Limerick: More Advice

A mortal should always be wary, Of making a deal with a fairy. You could end up with a curse, You can not reverse, The idea of which is quite scary. Potential curses include: All coffee turns to decaf the moment it touches your lips. The unsubscribe button on your spam emails doesn’t work. ForcedContinue reading “Thursday Limerick: More Advice”

Thursday Limerick: Don’t Be Darlene

Insisting that she was the boss, Of making the cranberry sauce, Darlene picked a fight, And was up half the night, Being disgruntled and cross. Between you and me, I like the canned stuff. Yes, that stuff that’s unnaturally red and keeps the shape of the can when you dump it. Delicious! Bonus! Here isContinue reading “Thursday Limerick: Don’t Be Darlene”