Thursday Limerick: Challenge

I recently asked my FaceBook friends to provide me with random topics. I had to create a limerick for each topic provided. Below are the results:

Topic One: Getting a Root Canal

I know a fellow named Dwayne, 
whose tooth was in horrible pain,
He neglected to brush,
and it filled up with pus,
so the dentist removed the whole vein.

Topic Two: Diesel Fuel

Put this in a gasoline car, 
and it certainly won't go that far.
The engine will die,
and you'll start to cry,
and vent your despair at the bar.

Topic Three: “Excessive outdoor temperatures and/or hatred of exercise lol”

Climate change made it so hot, 
though Fred had to move he would not.
An inconsolable grouch,
he lay on the couch,
unwilling to do what he ought.

Now it’s your turn. Got any random topics? Leave them in the comments and I will see what I can do. Also, feel free to request a topic of your own. I’ll give you something really hard. >:)

Happy Thursday!

Published by Katy Campbell

Katy is a little broken in the head.

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