Thursday Limerick: Don’t drink and drive.

A gnome went to happy hour, But it made his stomach feel sour. He called his friend Jerome, To get a ride home, And then took a freezing cold shower. Don’t drink and drive. Even if the thing you’re driving is a giant snail. …What does a snail look like when it’s swerving? …Could aContinue reading “Thursday Limerick: Don’t drink and drive.”

Short Story: Max Carnage, CIA

CIA agent Max Carnage stood in an elevator watching the numbers over the door descend. The CIA’s hiring policies only allowed them to recruit agents who were over six feet tall and unnaturally good-looking. Even disguised as a janitor in a frumpy blue jumpsuit, Max was worried his broad shoulders, strong jawline, and chiseled featuresContinue reading “Short Story: Max Carnage, CIA”