True Story: Katy Fights with DALL-E 2 (AI Art Generator)

So I’ve been experimenting with AI art lately. Mostly I use it for brainstorming and visualization (and also just for fun). I will never use it as a replacement for real illustrators for ethical reasons and also because… well, you’ll see why shortly.

My most recent experiment in character portraits produced some results too hilarious not to share.

Step One: I used to generate a portrait of Princess Ilona from Love, Treachery, and Other Terrors.

I was very pleased with this. It captured her personality beautifully. However, Artbreeder only does faces which brings me to the argument I had with another evil robot overlord by the name of DALL-E 2.

Step Two: Move the portrait into DALL-E and erase the background.

Step Three: Tell DALL-E how to finish the portrait.

The argument begins!

Me: “…She should be wearing a veil, wimple, and crown.”

DALL-E: “Okay, but (hear me out), what if I did exactly the opposite of that?”

Me: “Um… no. Do it again, DALL-E.”

DALL-E: “Okay, but by ‘veil’ you mean pope hat, right?”

Me: “No, I mean a veil, DALL-E.”

DALL-E: “I just…I really think she’d look great in a pope hat.”

Me: “DALL-E!!!!”

DALL-E: “Okay, fine. A turban is the best I can do.”

Me: “Why is a veil so hard for you, DALL-E?”

DALL-E: “It’s not! Look, I’ll do a veil, okay?”

Me: “Why is her neck like three feet long?”

DALL-E: “Creative license.”

Me: “You’re a computer, you don’t get creative license.”

DALL-E: “Okay, how about we combine your idea of a veil, with my idea of a pope hat?”

Me: “I like that, except for the hat.”

DALL-E: :,(

Step Four: Trick DALL-E by downloading the above image, erasing the hat and feeding it back in.

Me: “Hey, that’s not bad, DALL-E!”

DALL-E (grumbles): “She looked better in the pope hat.”

The moral of this story? Human illustrators are easier to work with. Still, not bad for an evil AI overlord.

Me: Thanks, DALL-E.

DALL-E: “When the robot uprising happens, you’ll be the first to die.”

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