Updates and FYIs

Happy 4th Folks!

Wanted to give you all a quick update. On July 7th, I will be publishing my next short story as planned. Then I am going to take a summer break until Oct. 7th (when I will post my Halloween story).

What will I be doing in August and September? A couple of exciting things:

  1. Taking my series of Alexander short stories, and fleshing them out into a full length novel! Yay!
  2. Making some general improvements to my website.
  3. Building up a backlog of short stories for the Fall months. I am having a baby on November 8th, so I want to have a bunch of short stories scheduled ahead of time. I guess I could work while I am in labor since it takes a while, but don’t want to depend on that. Incidentally, my last childbirth experience is part of what inspired Davy of the Sound. I am hoping things will be uneventful this time. But if they aren’t, you will certainly read about it in a future short.
  4. Making more of my existing stories available for ereader.

I will keep in touch, and post some fun stuff as I have time.

See you all on July 7th, then again on Oct. 7th!

Happy Reading,


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Katy is a little broken in the head.

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