Short available for e-reader!

Hi folks!

I’ve just joined BookFunnel so I can make my short stories available for the e-reader of your choice! In honor of Valentine’s Day, I am running a promotion for romantic comedy! It includes Love is in the Air, as well as submissions from other authors (short stories and full novels):

Right now, I am only offering my most recent short for e-reader, but I am hoping to add the rest soon!

FYI: I’ve asked the authors to submit clean and funny options in the promo, but adherence to those guidelines is on the honor system and I haven’t read everything submitted. is not responsible for any trauma resulting from the contents of third party fictions. Risk associated with reading any of the above works is solely the responsibility of the reader. <– Law Fairy insisted I add this disclaimer.


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Katy is a little broken in the head.

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